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FAQ www.online-moisture-measurement.com:

Why microwave moisture measurement is better suited for moisture detection?
The microwave’s radiation due to use the water characteristics. Water is able to be polarized and this polarization can be measured. Dirty sensor surfaces are not longer effecting the accuracy of the moisture measurement. Even aggregate material height variations or build-ups are not longer effecting the moisture measurement. 
What can our equipment for moisture measurement and water dosing do as well?
Our systems can be customized to the user’s request. If necessary, our systems are equipped with one or more sensors for moisture measurement and even with a temperature probe.
How are the measured data of the water dosing be transmitted outside?
The data of the moisture determination can be transmitted via cable or wireless. Our wireless probe can be used with a closed mixer, where usually a cabling is inappropriate. It is monitoring the water dosing, the moisture content and the dry mix time.  

Do I need a special measure device for drying?
No. With our systems moisture measurement and water dosing as well as dryings can be controlled and monitored. Our long-term sensor is very suitable with the moisture monitoring of structure drying. We are looking forward to your inquiry, please use our contact form or be  advised by our engineers via phone. They will name the suitable device to your request.