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Franz Ludwig Company is a leading manufacturer of measuring devices for moisture detection and water dosing.
Our systems can be used for moisture measurement in mixers but even for moisture measurement of aggregate material in stone, concrete and pre-cast or in glass and ceramic, pharmacy and food industry.

Our technical equipment is even used in structures and buildings: for moisture measurement in walls or rooms and certainly for controlling of the drying of wet places in the building.

Our measuring and control systems combine moisture measurement and water dosing. They can be used in mixers, control the water content and dose additional water simultaneously, for example. Our probes enable even wireless data communication.

The sender’s data can be grasped and the measured moisture can be transmitted via wireless connection. Thanks to microwave technology to make the moisture measurement and the water dosing reliable. No soiling nor build-ups or aggregate material’s depth variations can fool our instruments.

We would appreciate to welcome you as a customer at You will find all technical information to our devices for moisture measurement and water dosing on our homepage. Certainly our engineers will assist you by phone and will help you to find the suitable system for moisture measurement and water dosing.

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